"I have known Jeff for many years and have worked with him for the last 2.5 years. Jeff is the consummate professional and one of the best SAP Consultants I have had the privilege of working with. He immediately gains the client's trust because of his integrity, knowledge and work ethic. I would highly recommend Jeff for any SAP consulting role!"

Kim Snow - Vice President.


"Jeff came to Durham County Government as the Workflow Consultant in the middle of our SAP implementation. He picked up and completed work started by another individual. Jeff met all deadlines even though he was not on site very long before our scheduled implementation date. Jeff worked closely with the functional areas to thoroughly understand their needs and adjusted the workflows accordingly. All of Jeff's development work still functions as designed, and we have not had to make any changes to his work. In fact, we are requesting his services on some new development work we need completed. Jeff will always be our first choice as a Workflow Resource. I have a colleague who has worked on several contracting projects tell me all who have had the privilege of working with Jeff think he is the greatest, and I know this is true."

Barbara Torian - I.T. Manager.

"Jeff worked for me as an SAP Workflow Developer on the implementation of a new SAP module at a major consumer products company. I couldn't have been happier with his work. He conceived inventive ideas on how to architect the solution and provided excellent foundational documentation. He also successfully researched cost-effective methods for producing output from the system. The result of the research would allow the company to forego additional SAP licensing costs. Jeff is a solid worker with good business acumen and he brings out the best in the user community. Given the opportunity, I would re-hire Jeff in a minute!"

Frances Moran - Manager of  Information Technology. 

"Jeff and I had the opportunity to work together on North Carolina's SAP HR/Payroll Project, BEACON. Jeff joined the project to assist with our implementation of some custom enterprise workflow scenarios. Considering that Jeff joined us in the middle of the realization phase of the project, I was particularly impressed how quickly he was able to get up to speed on where we were the development of these complex workflow tasks in SAP. He demonstrated time and again his expert knowledge of SAP workflow and the integration with other components of the SAP HR modules. We certainly would not have been successful with the rollout of this area had it not been for his tremendous contribution to the team.
I look forward and hope to have the chance to work with Jeff once again on a future implementation."

Andrew Koenigsberg - Project Manager.


"Jeff is THE definitive SAP Workflow expert. He is and has been for the past six or seven years the first person that comes to mind when I need the best. You would be fortunate to get Jeff involved in one of your projects. Great results always, he is a true consultant."

Kelly Morgan - Director of Client Services.


"Jeff has successfully completed a SAP SD Workflow Development assignment at NOVA Chemicals, Inc. Jeff's role on our Fulfillment project was to develop and implement a specialized SAP workflow solution to critically enhance NOVA Chemical's existing order processing flow. Jeff's knowledge and hands-on particiaption significantly enhanced attainment of our goal. Without exception, Jeff cintinuously fulfilled his project responsibilities with enthusiasm and professionalism. He consistently demonstrated a solid ability to organize new abstract information into solutions as well as displaying superior product knowledge expertise. In addition his work ethics were consistently beyond reproach and he was dependable. hard working and goal oriented. I highly recommend Jeff for future positions involving SAP product development, especially those where his organizational skills, creativity and eagerness for new challenges will be of significant benefit."

Andrew Krugh - Sr. System Analyst.


"I have worked with Jeff over the past 3+ years on multiple SAP projects. Jeff has not only proven SAP technical skills, but also has a very high degree of professionalism, integrity and garners respect because of his abilities. He is able to work with all levels within an organization to ensure a project's success and takes great pride in his work. There are two things you know will happen with Jeff on a project. First, it will be done correctly. And secondly, the client will be happy Jeff was on the job."

Rob Broadwell - Director of SAP Solutions.

"Jeff provides excellent SAP Business Workflow services with high integrity and professionalism. He has extensive SAP Business Workflow and ABAP development experience, knowledge, and skills, and applies these to successfully deliver high quality work products.

Sheldon Oxenberg, System Architect Principal Leader.

 "I highly recommend Jeff Rappaport. He is an excellent SAP Workflow and SAP Technical resource. I hired him on to my SAP Workflow team, at Bristol-Myers Squibb, and since then we have also worked together on multiple SAP Implementation projects, as consultants. He is a team player and always shares his vast SAP Workflow and Technical knowledge with other team members. He has always exceeded expectations as both an employee and a consultant."

Paul Borriello - SAP Global Team Manager of Enabling Technologies.


"Jeff has worked for a client of mine twice and I received outstanding feedback on both occasions. He operates with the customers best interests in mind and is always willing to go the extra mile. This “customer first” approach coupled with an unparalleled SAP Workflow background/knowledge makes working with Jeff a real pleasure. When I need a Workflow professional Jeff is my first call; to those reading this I recommend you do the same."

Kevin Pattee - Client Development.


"I am a SAP manager at a Telecomm company. I get to see a lot of different potential contractors and consultants. Jeff was one of the fastest, most cost effective projects we had on SAP. His specialty work for us was around SAP Financial and Logistics workflow. It was a very low hassle, successful, and quick project for us. Jeff is great to work with."

Rich Golinski - SAP Manager


“I had the pleasure of working with Jeff on the North Carolina SAP HR/Payroll implementation project. Jeff came on board rather late in the game, but was able to quickly learn about the custom workflow solution we were implementing. When Jeff arrived, we were close to go-live and still had many issues to resolve. Jeff not only resolved remaining workflow issues, but made suggestions to improve the end-user experience and provide tools to the Functional team for post go-live support. During the months I worked with Jeff, I found him to be extremely knowledgeable in SAP workflow, and very friendly and approachable. I highly recommend Jeff as a very capable and professional workflow resource.”

Anita Ward - HR Functional Tem Lead

"Jeff is an expert in WorkFlow with special emphasis in SAP HR and HCM. Jeff brings a great value and expertise to the projects by adding a technical perspective with an excellent knowledge in PA/OM and PD Modules. His communication skills and ability to explain the requirements and work with other team members is excellent. I would recommend Jeff to any client who want issue free results and a trouble free SAP HR implementation."

Vlad Kumetz - SAP HR Functional & BPR Team Lead

 "Jeff is a true Workflow Subject Matter Expert. His deep knowledge, combined with his ability to build consensus and most importantly produce excellent results, makes him an ideal choice for any and all workflow projects. I have worked with Jeff on mulitple occasions, would work with him again, and highly recommend him."

Abe Ramos, HR LINK Group - Sr. Account Executive. 

"Jeff always conducted himself in a professional manner and was a true team player you could count on to complete the task assigned in a timely manner. His expert knowledge within the SAP world of Workflow is beyond reproach. His willingness to do what ever was necessary to acomplish the task assigned was always an asset to the team. Should the opportunity to work together again be available, I would never hesitate to welcome Jeff as part of the team."

Ed Brown, SAP Program Manager.


"I have worked with Jeff on several projects and have found him to be very likeable and professional. Jeff knows what it takes to complete a project and has displayed the wisdom to make mid-course project corrections as needed to reach the desired goal."

Stephen Fields, GMAC. 

"Jeff stepped into the project and hit the ground running. His professionalism and attention to detail were demonstrated through out each phase of the project. His knowledge and mastery of SAP contributed significanlty to the success of the project. It was truly a pleasure having Jeff on the project." 

Ron Saunders, ERP Program Director


"I wanted to thank you for all your help and wanted you to know how much we appreciate the time you took to review your work and documentation with us . That was so great and very helpful for me. (the others too, from what everyone said). Sure wish we could have cloned you during this last upgrade."

Carmen Giggey, ERP Sr. Programmer/Analyst



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